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Wolf protection

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Wolf protection

Post by Astral Eye on Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:07 am

Wolf protection

(this works best is you have the wolf as a totem, or some other spiritual link with the wolf)
Stand with you feet planted firmly facing in front of you. Make your stance strong. Make your will strong. Calm your mind and soul, and chant the following.

"Wolf, wolves,
Hunt as a pack,
Fight as a pack
Guard as a pack,
The spirit within me,
Acknowledges your spirits,
Here me howl,
We fight as one,
As within so without,
We are one,
And we are many.

The last line must be practically yelled. While you chanting you must focus on the wolves. See ethereal wolves surrounding you, pacing then running around you. Feel the wolf within you howling with them.
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