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Courses run here

Post by Astral Eye on Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:42 am

Welcome to the school. This is a complete list of all the courses run here. Some are listed here but are not running yet, these are clearly marked. Some have requirements, but these are just for everybodies convienience and safety.

Basic Magick
This course is designed for complete begginers, giving you an introduction to magick.
Requirement(s): None, except for that you are willing to work and not just take it as a laugh.

Magickal defense
This is a basic course in defense by magical means against magick, unwanted energy, energy vamparism and spiritual attacks
Requirement(s): none.

Advanced Magickal defense
This is a more advanced course in defense, and allso deals with how to fight back, banishing and advanced protection.
Requirement(s): completion of Basic Magickal defense or proof that you have some basic understanding of magickal protecton.

Animal magick
This course deals with taking on the persona of an animal to help you and channeling an animal.
Requirements: none

This course deals with manipulating and absorbing elemental energies.
Requirement(s): none

There will allmost definitely be more courses comeing along so keep your eye's peeled.
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