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magick ish

Post by kevdog255 on Wed May 09, 2012 1:22 pm

told my brother, and i was desperate what my fb name was kevdog255>2< and then the next day, i was at the library, this old guy, was having so may issues figuring out how to get on the computer, and i helped him out, and then getting into his yahoo account, again, helped him out, my pleasure, though the guy was obnoxious, not towards me, just in general, he liked me. anyway, he left and then my mom came, and as i was riding home with her, i was saying how my brother fucked up, and she said maybe i gave him the wrong fb adress, and i said im sure i didnt, and she said you said, and i was like no i didnt, and she was like im sure you did. and i was like why would i do that, ive never used and dont have a yahoo account and he knows that, and i know i told him correctly. but all this ish got pushed through the webs from the morning before, coresponded off that dude, and into her ego. anyway, i called lee, and i told him the correct name, he forgot what i said was my password was. which yeah, pretty easy password lol, but i digress.
and i lightning bolt like i havent experienced since lucifer crashed to earth, like blasted down bout 12 ft in front of me the other day and friend my internet, intercom, the harddrive on the computer in my parents living room (had just emailed the main file on there i valued to my hotmail likr two days before, thank god). computer crashed for absolutely no reason the last time i was trying to get data i needed,and i lost it, the gods just love fucking with me, danm antagonstic jealous gods with different ideas of what fate should be. well i roll them nickels, and floss them dimes nucker.
anyway, thats some magick for yahs. penny for a ruble, nickle for a mark, queters only get you to cut the mean of time, and then divide by 5.


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